BabyAGI is an AI-powered task management system that uses OpenAI and Pinecone APIs to create, prioritize, and execute tasks.

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Inspired Projects

This document highlights a curated selection of remarkable projects inspired by or built upon the concepts and ideas of BabyAGI. Our aim is to showcase the diversity and creativity of the community, foster collaboration, and provide inspiration for future projects. By exploring these examples, we hope you will gain valuable insights and ideas to enhance your own work.

Projects List

  1. BabyAGI on Slack
    • Description: An implementation of BabyAGI in Slack! Each thread represents a new objective.
    • Author: Frank Chen
    • Twitter:
  2. AgentGPT
    • Description: Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser.
    • Author: Asim Shrestha
    • Twitter:
  3. AgentLLM
    • Description: AgentGPT that uses a browser-native LLM instead of ChatGPT.
    • Author: Ido Salomon
    • Twitter:
  4. BabyAGI-asi
    • Description: A modification that runs arbitrary python code to perform tasks - It manages to create routines for pyautogui, webscrapping, manages to execute actions on the computer and even controls its own memory
    • Author: Bruno De Oliveira
    • Twitter:
  5. ai-legion
    • Description: Similar in spirit to AutoGPT and Baby AGI, but written in the superior language that is TypeScript (Author’s Description).
    • Author: eumemic
    • Twitter:
  6. yourgoal
    • Description: Swift implementation of BabyAGI.
    • Author: PJ Gray
    • Twitter:
  7. BabyAGIChatGPT
    • Description: Plug-in to run autonomous agents directly within ChatGPT
    • Author: Pietro Schirano
    • Twitter:
  8. Cognosys
    • Description: web based version of AutoGPT/babyAGI
    • Author: Sully Omarr
    • Twitter:
  9. Godmode
    • Description: web based version of AutoGPT/babyAGI
    • Authors: Lonis, Emil Ahlbäck, and fant
    • Twitter:
  10. alphakit
    • Description: A team of autonomous AI agents for everyone
    • Author: Andrew Yu
    • Twitter:
  11. Xircuits
    • Description: This toolkit provides a comprehensive set of Xircuits components that allow you to experiment with and create Collaborative Large Language Model-based automatons (Agents) in the style of BabyAGI and Auto-GPT. By default, the toolkit comes with BabyAGI agents, but it is designed to be easily customizable with your own prompts.
    • Author: Eduardo Gonzalez
    • Twitter:
  12. babyagijs
    • Description: BabyAGI for Javascript.
    • Author: Eric Ciarla
    • Twitter:
  13. Teenage-AGI
    • Description: Inspired by the several Auto-GPT related Projects (predominently BabyAGI) and the Paper “Generative Agents: Interactive Simulacra of Human Behavior”, this python project uses OpenAI and Pinecone to Give memory to an AI agent and also allows it to “think” before making an action (outputting text). Also, just by shutting down the AI, it doesn’t forget its memories since it lives on Pinecone and its memory_counter saves the index that its on.
    • Author: Sean Pixel
    • Twitter:
  14. babyagi-perl
  15. gptagent.js
    • Description: A composable and extensible framework for creating AI agents with TypeScript/JavaScript.
    • Author: Lars Grammel
    • Twitter:
  16. babyagi-streamlit
    • Description: Streamlit web app to make it more accessible.
    • Author: Dory
    • Twitter:
  17. Do Anything Machine
    • Description: The Do Anything Machine helps you keep track of your tasks, prioritize them, and allows you to deploy AI agents to get your work done for you.
    • Author: Garrett Scott
    • Twitter:
  18. Babyagi-as-a-service
    • Description: Integrate babyagi with your own applications - thanks to langchain-serve with one simple command - 𝐥𝐜-𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐚𝐠𝐢
    • Author: Deepankar Mahapatro
    • Twitter:
  19. gptrpg
    • Description: A simple RPG-like environment for an LLM-enabled AI Agent to exist in
    • Author: Chris Dzoba
    • Twitter:
  20. BabyAGI-ts
    • Description: Port BabyAGI from Python to TypeScript and provide a friendly CLI tool that can be installed as a global NPM module
    • Author: Sam Hogan
    • Twitter:
  21. LLMitlessAPI
    • Description: API with one endpoint that does everything.
    • Author: Adam Cohen Hillel
    • Twitter:
  22. PuttyGPT
    • Description: Wiring all this good stuff together. Weaviate, langchain, the ideas I see popping up everywhere, new concepts AI thinks off. Agents deploying other agents, concurrent requests, continuously training new finetuned models on data that’s being gathered from its activities. It’s FAR from a working prototype, but 100% worth a look.
    • Author: Ryan William Grippeling
    • Twitter:
  23. Chippr-AGI
    • Description: Chippr-AGI is an open-source framework that uses AI models to automate task creation and prioritization. NodeJS, Redis, OpenAI/LLAMA
    • Author: Cody Burns
    • Twitter:
  24. Agent-LLM

    • Description: Agent-LLM is a dynamic AI task management assistant with adaptive memory, web browsing, code evaluation, and a versatile plugin system for seamless integration with various AI providers and models both locally and remotely hosted.

    • Author: Josh XT

    • Twitter:

  25. sharpagi
    • Description: C# dotnet implementation of BabyAGI.
    • Author: Sathyaraj Vadivel
    • Twitter:
  26. twitter-agent🐣
    • Description: Twitter-Agent is an autonomous AI-powered agent for interacting directly with the Twitter API.
    • Author: BigSky
    • Twitter: